About Us

Cathy WinstonCathy’s over-riding philosophy is to support, guide and advise companies on the strategies required to thrive. She believes in building on strengths and going for quick wins, so as to gain trust before moving on to more challenging goals. She believes most businesses have the resources to succeed if they have product/ market fit, so she works to uncover these and to help them to select relevant knowledge and apply it to their own situation. She fundamentally believes that teams deliver more than individuals, so she works hard to maximise team effort, break down barriers and encourage diverse thinking and practices.

Cathy worked in the corporate sector for over 20 years, so the knowledge she brings to lecturing and mentoring is based on real life business experience. The considerable success she enjoyed in business led to invitations to participate in a number of high-profile enterprise development programmes, such as M4G and iGap, which are aimed at getting tech start-up companies off the ground. She currently lectures on Business Innovation at DCU’s Ryan Academy, and on Marketing at the IMI.

Cathy Winston, Managing Director
BA Economics (Hons) UCD