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Moving mindsets from moderate to monumental

In the midst of the recession most businesses lived with the philosophy of survival; take on any work that would keep the wolf from the door. That mindset and approach was absolutely necessary THEN, however now it is dangerous as we move back into a time of increased growth and development. To gain in this prosperous environment, to retain our top talent and our top customers, we must become creators again, we must be ambitious and fearless about growth. Read On... By Cathy Winston on 18-02-2018 at 13:15

Should you “Look into the seeds of time”?

Looking into the seeds of time is a Shakespearean metaphor for looking into the future. As company life spans are drastically decreasing, it is important to look to the future and be pro active in your business strategy. Read On... By Cathy Winston on 15-02-2018 at 18:56

The power of youth in our business innovation

How diverse is your business in terms of age, skills, cultures and gender? Do you include all of these groups in the conversation or is that still happening with just the seasoned suits? Read On... By Cathy Winston on 06-02-2018 at 20:39

Are your profits growing, static or declining?

There are normally 2 or 3 reasons why your profits are static or declining. According to the business experts this is known as the beginning of the end, so it is important to recognise the signs and look for other sources of growth. Read On... By Cathy Winston on 06-02-2018 at 14:59

The smartest people in your company do not always work in the top team, so widen the conversation.

Ever wondered about improving how your team communicates? This piece introduces the method of Cafe Conversation by World Cafe for insightful business conversations and effective communication practice. Read On... By Cathy Winston on 05-09-2017 at 00:30

20 Irish CEO’s share their wisdom on Brexit, here’s what they think…

In a recent article, 20 CEOs reflected on what lies ahead, challenges and opportunities of Brexit. Here are our comments on this article on Brexit, published in the on June 18, 2017 Read On... By Cathy Winston on 05-09-2017 at 00:02

Why Competitive Intelligence is a must for your Company?

This blog post is about competitive intelligence and identifying risks and opportunities early enough to allow companies to adapt its strategy. Read On... By Rakhi Gutpa on 30-08-2017 at 00:54

If Manchester United was led the same way as the average company, what would be their chances of success?

This blog post is about leadership coaching and it's effectiveness in developing high potential talent and facilitating strategic transition in companies Read On... By Cathy Winston on 24-08-2017 at 16:59

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