Programme for Growth

The process of growing your business can start from exactly where you are now – not where you or anyone else thinks you should be. And it can start right now. Our Programme For Growth is an in-depth review of a business – inside and out. From the things you can control, such as resources, to the things you can’t determine, like customer behaviour. The aim is to align what you offer with what the market needs and customers want. Make sure they match. And deliver profit. The shifts and changes required may not be radical; when you understand what is important to customers, when you’re fully aware of trends, then you know where your company fits in the marketplace. Once you know your position, you can make decisions about it – to expand it, narrow it or even leave it the same for now.

What you get

A programme tailored around your business and your team. Mentoring can be hands- off or hands- on as you require the focus is on identifying the challenges that face the business. We apply the best practice business analysis and marketing techniques to determine the next steps to take towards profitable growth. Our ability to get to the insights quickly means real actions can be agreed immediately. You’ll have the confidence and the know-how to drive the necessary change, and to convince colleagues, board members or senior management that these are the right actions to take.

Who it’s for

Any business that wants to keep its finger on the pulse, know exactly where it’s going and be certain that it’s a destination worth reaching.

You can start with an introductory sessions and them plan a number of sessions into your diary. If you business needs on-going support, you can sign up for 4, 6 or 8 sessions.

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