Innovation Training Workshop

Our next Innovation Training Workshop will take place on May 16th 2013

Are you fully utilising the extra potential that you already have within your business?

We are in challenging times, and for many the natural response is to freeze or contract and try to hold on to what you have, but is this the best course of action or even non action? Looking down the line into the future, do you want your business to whither or thrive? We believe that there is huge potential that can be unlocked by harnessing winning ideas to improve the performance and scope of your business.

A dynamic business needs to constantly adapt in order to stay ahead, and often the best solutions are to be found from within. Unlocking the true potential of your employees is the key to maximising performance. We will enable you to get the most out of your existing resources by harnessing the powerful ideas and creativity that already exist inside your business. Helping you to unleash the hidden potential.

We aim to help you look at your business from a fresh perspective, expanding your vision and thinking. In so doing you will gain a broader understanding of your marketplace. Helping you get into the mindset of your customers, both existing and future.

Building the team, creating a shared vision

Involving your team in an Innovation Breakthrough Workshop is a simple way to to signal that you expect everyone to contribute to the future success of your business. By harnessing their ideas we can help build team cohesion and employee buy in. Bringing about a unity of purpose, with everyone moving forward in the same direction for the future success of the business.

The Innovation Breakthrough Day will act as a springboard and catalyst to bring about a more innovative culture within your business. We will provide you with real tools and techniques that you can take back to the workplace to develop and enhance your business offering. The ultimate aim is to maximise the performance of your business, helping you to stay ahead, driving growth and increasing revenue.

To receive further information on the day and how it could benefit your business please enter your details below. When doing so you will receive our ’7 Steps to Innovation’ booklet completely free charge.


Alternatively, if you feel that you can’t take the time away, we can organise a day in-house to start you on your innovation journey.




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