Innovation Training Workshops

Uncertainty leads to paralysis, while clarity allows you and your team to move forward in a clear direction. It shows you how you can differentiate yourself and avoid competing solely on price. Our workshops are aimed at giving you the knowledge and teaching you the skills that will allow your team to innovate by applying these skills to real life challenges in your company.

Who they’re for

These workshops appeal mostly to SMEs, but are valuable to any business that wants to get ahead and stay ahead.

What you get

There is no downside. Everyone who attends takes away a toolkit of methods that give you a better understanding of new markets, products and services and identifying your customer needs. You will learn how your colleagues and co-workers can contribute to the success of the company by sharing new thinking and ideas. Together you can create plans for actions and achieve real growth.


A full day (or even half a day with your key team) in your own workplace.


For these lively events we gather together small groups from a cross-section of unrelated industries to generate ideas for all to share. Understanding that we are all facing the same challenges, together we can generate solutions contributing to broadening your own horizons.

Our Next Innovation Breakthrough Day will be on December 5th, in the IMI, Sandyford. Please contact us to book a place or for any further information.


We can arrange an on-going programme of mentoring for you and your colleagues, helping you to design and implement an innovation programme that generates new insights and ideas and help you stay ahead of the curve.

Our Innovation Training Days are held at various locations around the country on a regular basis.

Event: Innovation Training Day

When: December 5th

Venue: IMI, Sandyford, Dublin 16.

For more information or to book please call/e-mail Cathy on 086 2566116/