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"You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing you think you cannot do". Eleanor Roosevelt


  • Smiley icon The Happiness Gap: Research shows that women's subjective view of their happiness has declined every year for the past 35 years.
  • Strong icon The Confidence Gap: Across a wide range of exam and job performance related criteria, women consistently score themselves lower than men and underestimate their ability.
  • Examples of this would be:
    • expected earnings on leaving college.
    • sense of self-doubt in job performance.
    • readiness to apply for a promotion.
  • Smart icon The Knowing-Doing Gap:
    We invest more and more time in gaining knowledge but achieve less and less in terms of doing what we know we can do or really want to do. This gap leads to a crazy eight of frustration and further procrastination until we feel completely stuck.
  • Girl icon The Purpose or Meaning Gap:
    "In Man's search for Meaning" Victor Frankl says we are responsible for creating our purpose or our meaning and without it we end up chasing the wrong goal.

    • Striving for wealth or complete certainty around finances.
    • Striving for approval of others or;
    • Striving to keep up with the Jonses.
    But all of this is short lived and can leave a void. You can find your purpose and goal by focusing on this every day to close the gap.

Women continually underestimate their ability.

new chapters new choices programme


  • Taking time out to answer some more considered questions about what you want in life.
  • Allowing yourself to pause and decide if this is the track you want to be on, or if you are just on it because you started on it?
  • Sharing with you some important insights and research to highlight the patterns in our lives that push us out of the lane we want be in.
  • Helping you begin to realise that you can make more proactive choices instead of just drifting into the next move or job without considering what you really want.

When you invest the time to identify your true aspirations and understand what it will take to meet them, you can then learn the tools and mindset to become more effective and move closer to them each day.

We are controlled by our mindset and almost all our behaviour is habitual. Changing your mindset (your paradigms) is the ONLY way to bridge the gap between how you are living and how you WANT to live. Reach your full potential and live the life you have always imagined by letting go of your paradigms - your limiting beliefs and old habits.

If you lack clarity of purpose and a deep sense of self-belief, you are at the mercy of external conditions and other people’s decisions. However, you have much more control over your circumstances than you realise.

new chapters new choices programme

1 A 6 month group coaching programme tailored for women who:

  • commit an hour and a half a week to a learning session.
  • spend 30 minutes on daily study to prepare for the day.
  • build in some reflection time to create goals and consider where next.
  • set themselves up with an attitude of achieving what they want.

2 Upskilling Workshops to improve your practical knowledge on managing your Business, your Finances, and Career planning or promotion.

3 A network of talented women of all generations who have worn the particular T-shirt and who can:

  • advise and support.
  • mentor or collaborate.
  • work for you as you set on your new journey to success.

During these 6 months and beyond, you will have the confidence and be at your most comfortable in times of change when

going for that new job

go back to a career you always wanted

go on Mat leave with confidence

come back from any leave with enthusiasm

go for the promotion and the raise

know how to manage or invest your money better

be in charge of your happiness

You are the expert in your own life and this programme is to help you connect with that. You can control who shows up every day to add something, instead of looking for what we can get from people, work or from life.

"A really
refreshing approach
to personal development, that
builds a community of trusted advisors in your group. Working with Bob / Cathy and the peer group I have the key to personal accountability and am starting to really understand myself and my ability to make the results I want to happen." (Past participant)

"Whether you like the idea of royalty or not, you have got to admire the Queen as for 70 years, she got up, suited up and showed up, every day, to serve her country." (LinkedIn)

Setting up
daily reminders to
set daily goals and get to do
an actions list is helping. Getting focused on streams of income is giving me a focus like never before, on making decisions and not procrastinating" (Past participant)

It's made me
focus more on "me"
"my own ability" "my own goals".
It has made me more aware of where I want to go / do. It has slowed me down and made me see the bigger picture/long term strategy. Although doing the study every day was a CHALLENGE at the start, now I look forward to it first thing in the morning!! (Current Participant)