Our next Innovation Breakthrough Workshop takes place in the IMI, Sandyford in January 2014. These events are designed for companies that wish to send their management team along to gather new ideas on growth. They also give you the chance to understand new markets and your customer needs better.

For details, call us on 086 2566116


  1. Get the extra 10% from your existing clients by understanding their needs and meeting them better.
  2. Understand market trends better. Move with them.
  3. Move your business onto a growth path by creating new projects, while managing your daily operations.
  4. Make your company naturally innovative, looking for new horizons and allowing your team contribute to the success of your business everyday.
  5. Take time out to talk through the issues.
  6. Define the business's biggest problems and their causes. Take action now!
  7. Outline the next steps necessary for the business to succeed.
  8. Achieve this with a business mentor, who is dedicated to you and your business.