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How we can help you grow your business

marketing-led business strategy implementation embedding marketing and customer mindset

We will help you develop a marketing-led business strategy by creating a marketing and customer mindset into your culture that will help you achieve further growth.

Through a series of planning meetings, team workshops, mentoring and milestones sessions, Cathy works with the CEO and top team to jointly agree the programme of work required. The checklist below serves as a menu of topics different companies have chosen to work on.

Marketing-led business strategy how-to s

assess current situation

  • Industry situation and trends
  • Current market competition
  • Changing needs of the customer
  • Your current service performance
  • Client base profit segmentation

identify potentials

  • Countries and regions to grow into
  • Service and product line extension
  • Optimisation of business processes
  • Introduction of secret sauce or story
    of your product or service

Execute Thoroughly

  • Identify necessary actions that will
    allow to realise identified potentials
  • Carry out the actions step-by-step
    in order to achieve full realisation

how to embed commercial and customer mindset


Work with your front-line staff to identify the ways you can improve service and then involve the rest of the team to break down silos and improve cross-functional communications, through cross-function projects.


Clarify the customer journey from the first point of contact to the last, in any transaction or project and pinpoint the Moments of Truth that make the difference to the customer.


Measure the customer experience across the journey and the effectiveness of your employees in terms of delivery of your products and services to the end user.


Identify the opportunities to improve service and to close the gaps in performance. Afterwards agree on the required changes and move to implementation.

Speaking engagements ...on innovation and market-led business growth

Cathy is passionate about sharing her experience and stories on how businesses can identify more opportunities and, by creating solutions to challenges, to grow their profits. When it is all stripped back, there are only a handful of ways to grow a business and they all start with your customer.

Cathy asks provocative questions, taking business owners and founders back to the basics of starting a business. She suggests entrepreneurial mindsets get dulled in the day-to-day mire of management information systems. Yellow Hat thinking time needs to be set aside to reenergize the business minds and Cathy gives the tools and frameworks to kick start this process.

Cathy presents in the IMI and in DCU to ambitious companies and participants looking to add to their skills and has been invited by Google and ESB to International Woman's Day to speak on Courage and Innovation and speaks regularly to companies involved in leadership programmes.

journey to innovation

Cathy provides two types of service related to introduction of innovation into the culture of a company. Those are Innovation Projects and Innovation Coaching and while there are differences between the two types, both have just a single goal in mind: let your company succeed.

Take the leap of faith and take some time out to start new business conversations and co-design your own future with your top team. New markets to explore, new cutomer groups to meet, new business models to consider and possibly a more ambitious company strategy. Imagine how great it would be to have all those brilliant minds creating something and then delivering it as a team.

Innovation projects

"Companies that innovate grow 4 times faster," says Stephen Roper of Warwick University, "They recognised the need to have a process for innovation to succeed."

Most companies find it daunting and so do not even start, yet this is an area where you can really set yourself apart from their competitors. The simplicity of the innovation process is surprising: companies that innovate do so simply by collaboration with their employees, customers and suppliers to source new ideas. We will help you generate these incremental ideas about how to improve "How we do things now" to increase present profits and help create Promising Project innovation to start the ball rolling on future growth.

Innovation coaching

We have a deep understanding and experience in coaching top teams and innovation champions. So while working through the innovation projects we continually train the top team on the innovation process so they contimue to innovate after the programme of work is complete. Often companies ask us to remain with the team as a resource to guaruntee success.

Once plans have been signed off, we will facilitate monthly training and milestone meetings, approximately 2 hours duration to review progress. Implementation is the step where plans fail to materialize and it is often due to restrictions that can be easily remedied.

how do we do it?


A series of half a day or day long workshops will bring brilliant thinking to the fore on how to build on company strengths and remove the trip-ups that prevented you from being your best. So take the time and put togther a diverse team and we will bring the tools and techniques to get you started.


We will show how to integrate innovation into your company culture by setting up sessions on a quarterly basis to collect all the ideas in the company. A shortlist will be made for Dragons' Den type presentations to prioritise the high impact projects and through strong project management get champions and cross-functional teams to implement them.


We will steer your whole team to achieve concensus on the vision, by taking a few hours to hear the A-Z of the ideas that are already floating in your company. We will dispel all the myths and paradigms that became internalized over time, particularly those which prevent you from starting to innovate.

Strategic Marketing Review

Cathy Winston & Company is a consultant on Enterprise Ireland Strategic Marketing initiative which supports companies to grow their exports through structured sales and marketing actions. You can download a brochure with more information here.

We undertake this review which will give your company greater clarity on specific and achievable actions to grow and sustain international development into the future.

The SMR (Strategic Marketing Review) is structured to enable your senior management team to take some time out of managing day to day activities to focus on strategic planning for sales growth. The fresh perspective of an external facilitator has paid dividends for participants and the process is customised and highly structured. The consultant's task will be to build along with the management team an achievable action plan.

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