we are experts in building uninhibited mindsets.

For more than 20 years, we have been helping businesses, teams, communities and individuals to think bigger, break convention, push past barriers, and achieve the performance and growth they never thought possible.


Our business has emerged from the diverse and far-reaching experience of Cathy Winston, our founder. Over decades of work with a wide range of businesses across sectors, Cathy has come to believe: The only way today's businesses, leaders and teams will succeed is with an Uninhibited Mindset.

The Uninhibited Mindset, which underpins our approach, is what enables us all to win personally and professionally. It allows us to collectively go beyond conventional strategy and implementation to embrace thinking and take action, free of internal and external constraints.


It’s audacious

With an Uninhibited Mindset, we dream bigger and further. We challenge long-held assumptions, set big goals, and drive toward a future beyond the “possible.”

It’s playful, fun & enjoyable

Uninhibited Mindset holds long-held beliefs and fresh limitations lightly, allowing us to loosen their grip, turn them over in our hands, and shed them when necessary.

It’s human

An Uninhibited Mindset unlocks the whole of us –our curiosity, vulnerabilities, uncertainties and empathy, as much as our skills and capabilities– and uses it as fuel to reach our goals.

Cathy Winston

Founder & CEO

Cathy has spent the past 30 years forging a highly accomplished career as a leading expert on market led business strategy. The granddaughter of a successful self-made Irish businessman, who according to his eulogy, could “Look into the seeds of time and say which grains would grow and which would not”, she began her career using the same skill as a market researcher and intelligence expert, before joining the Senior Leadership Team at Dimension, a progressive Creative Communications company, as head of strategic planning.

It was not long before in 1993, she tapped further into the entrepreneurship in her DNA and set up her own market research company, working with blue chip companies like Green Isle Foods, Coca Cola, AIB Capital Markets, Kepak, Dunnes Stores and Penneys. In 2009, she began lecturing and leading programmes in marketing and innovation in DCU and the IMI, and qualified as a business and leadership coach.

She continues to work with the IMI and Enterprise Ireland as a lecturer, programme director and Business Advisor Coach, and splits her time as an interim Head of Sales, Marketing and Innovation in scaling Irish Companies looking to recruit the talent needed to grow in international markets.

Today, as head of Cathy Winston and Co, Cathy grows high performance companies and teams and puts structures and processes in place to help businesses scale effectively. She strives to bring people and teams on an exciting journey to higher performance through her 1:1 coaching and coaching programmes.

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“My career has been a series of chapters, fresh starts and reinventions, driven by life and market changes. With each new chapter, I’ve emerged stronger and better positioned for the future. This is what I strive to give my clients.”
- Cathy Winston

Ciara O'Driscoll

Project & Operations Manager

Ciara brings a wealth of business, voluntary and community experience to Cathy Winston & Co. Her career journey, which began at IDA Ireland, has included significant roles in healthcare, communications, management consulting and IT. Equipped with a depth of experience in internal operations, project management, and client and people relationships, Ciara has managed office setup operations and overseen global systems implementation for large and diverse organisations.

Ciara joined Cathy Winston & Co in 2021 and today works closely with Cathy to manage a diverse range of client projects, coaching programmes and operational initiatives. Solutions-oriented and positive, Ciara thrives on collaborating with clients and suppliers alike at all stages of their journey. Dedicated to quality and excellence, Ciara is passionate about contributing to the company’s mission of helping companies, teams and individuals grow and succeed by fostering an Uninhibited Mindset.

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Administrative Assistant

Cara started her career journey as a PA for a busy oncology department in St. Vincent’s Hospital in Dublin. Her 15 years spent in the role equipped her with deep experience in internal and external operations, as well as patient, family, nurse and doctor relationships. She became familiar with Cathy Winston & Co after working with the Winston family in their clothing boutique Hammerheadz in Greystones. 

Since officially joining Cathy Winston & Co, Cara has had a range of roles. Currently, she is PA to Cathy and is responsible for all administrative and financial aspects of the growing company. To her role, Cara also brings project management and people skills she has honed as a leader for her local school and sporting clubs.


John-Paul O'Keeffe

Marketing Consultant

John Paul is a Marketing Associate with Cathy Winston & Company, helping the team with their digital, social and content marketing strategy. He has worked in marketing for over 20 years across technology, engineering, construction, and professional services sectors, providing marketing services as a consultant, mentor and outsourced marketing manager for scaling and ambitious companies.

He applies modern marketing practices to drive aggressive growth strategies for clients at home and abroad. His skills include marketing planning, brand implementation, export market entry, lead generation, PR, digital, website, social and content marketing in addition to assisting clients with marketing resourcing and marketing recruitment.

He is a graduate from DCU, Trinity College Dublin, the Digital Marketing Institute and Kingstown College.

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With our consulting offer, we help your business to push beyond set beliefs and perceived limitations to achieve audacious goals. With us, your teams imagine, own and realise a bold new future.


We coach teams and individuals to embrace an Uninhibited Mindset. In doing so, we help to identify and shape future leaders and give them the confidence and skills to step up.


With our community offer, we take our impactful careers coaching to a wider audience. We excel in helping people to plan for and navigate life transitions and meet professional and financial goals.