uninhibit your mindset. unleash business growth.

The world today is too complex and fast-moving to rely on old formulas.

At Cathy Winston & Co, we help the leaders of tomorrow push beyond set beliefs and perceived limitations. With us, your teams imagine, own and realise a bold new future for your business.


For 20 years, we have helped business leaders and teams to achieve an Uninhibited Mindset.
We leave them:

EMBOLDENED by vision

Busy agendas and set behaviours distract many leaders from taking time to imagine and innovate. Through ideation workshops and innovation coaching, we guide teams beyond comfort zones and past barriers. We challenge them to craft an audacious vision for the future of their business.

Embodied with belief

Every achievement is created first in the mind, and then in reality. We work with businesses to not just define their vision, but crucially, to believe it is possible. We do this by unlocking the hidden potential in teams and arming them with a deep sense of their own skills and abilities.

Empowered to win

Growing a business is ultimately about order, discipline and action. We set out to leave a business fully equipped to get where it wants to go. We enable high potentials to step up, maximise sales and marketing, and ensure the business has all it needs to move confidently to victory.


Head of Sales, Marketing and Innovation

What it is: A 6-12 month programme that enables you to design, facilitate, embed and execute your company’s growth strategy. Through shadowing, workshops and interviews, we support you in: agreeing the audacious vision, carrying out a gap analysis on resources and processes; adding a high-performance sales, marketing and innovation functions; engaging and hiring the best people in the right positions; and setting up the SLT to focus on horizon wins.

Who it’s for: Ambitious CEOs and leadership teams tasked with driving the business to new heights, but unsure of the best route to get there.

What you’ll achieve: You will have a sales and marketing team and engine to focus on fast-tracking growth in sales. You will have a sales and marketing system that is metrics driven and ensures full transparency on the trajectory of the company.

Strategic Marketing Review: Accelerate growth

What it is: A transformational 10 day programme sponsored by Enterprise Ireland focused on aligning strategic marketing with business objectives in order to drive revenue, achieve scale, and accelerate growth.

Who it’s for: Senior leadership teams responsible for ambitious growth plans and an existing Sales & Marketing function.

What you’ll achieve: You will generate a detailed market expansion strategy and review of an international market, with an action plan on how to capitalise on new growth opportunities.

Leadership and Team Coaching

Grow the bold and confident leaders your business craves.


Our Innovation programme is focused on helping you develop an innovation strategy that can grow your company 4 times faster in any sector.

Using the Stanford D process for innovation you will move through the key stages from Empathise/Discover, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test/Launch.

This will be done by drawing on a the experience of a cross-section of your company and through workshops, customer and market research, mentoring and milestone sessions. We work closely with the SLT to agree on the the priorities to meet the business strategy and then the plan to execute.

“in 12 months with cathy, we delivered on all our year 1 strategic goals, whilst adapting and refocusing our business to achieve growth.”
- Philip Smith
Managing Director, Leo Lynch


we are experts in building uninhibited mindsets.

With 20 years of diverse experience under our belts, we have helped countless businesses to grow beyond their wildest expectations.


We are proud to have worked with some of the country’s most respected and fastest growing businesses.

“Cathy has provided structure, professionalism and constructive challenge, taking our company and team to another level.”
- Joe McCreesh
Financial Controller, Farrell Furniture


We coach teams and individuals to embrace an Uninhibited Mindset. In doing so, we help to identify and shape future leaders and give them the confidence and skills to step up.


With our community offer, we take our impactful careers coaching to a wider audience. We excel in helping people to plan for and navigate life transitions and meet professional and financial goals.


For more than 20 years, we have been helping businesses, teams, and individuals to think bigger, break convention, push past barriers, and achieve peak performance and growth.