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Cathy Winston & Co. works with individuals to identify and unlock potential. We give you the confidence you need to step boldly into the career you desire.

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Taking charge of your career can feel confusing and challenging, but you won't achieve your professional and financial goals unless you plan and position yourself for growth. By helping you find the right combination of skills, self-belief and bravery, we empower you to achieve your aims and lead your business to success.

“working with cathy leaves you feeling very proud of what you have achieved. her work has a knock-on effect to your self-confidence and belief.”
- John Paul O’Keeffe
Marketing Partner


For 20 years, we have helped individuals to achieve an Uninhibited Mindset.
We leave you:


Getting ahead means knowing where you’re going. We help you to take a step back and imagine your potential impact on your business. Using a range of methods, we nudge you past what’s historically held you back, and into your capabilities as a confident future leader.


The best leaders lead with their whole selves. We help you to identify your distinctive business capabilities and skills and apply them to your work. Armed with the self-belief to step bravely into your full potential, you can achieve both personal and professional growth.


Turn the audacious into the  attainable. We work with people to not just define where they want to go, but to establish a clear plan for getting there. We focus on considered action and intention rather than reaction. We make way for error, believing sometimes done is better than perfect.


Our coaching programmes have had a profound positive impact on the careers of thousands of professionals.

Thinking into results programme

This six-month programme builds clarity and awareness of what you really want and what you would love to do. It gives you the courage and confidence to tap into your natural abilities and strengths, and make your ambitions your reality.

Requiring a weekly commitment, it blends coaching and workshop sessions with a personal accountability plan, recommended reading list and ongoing support to get you the results you want.

“I have seen first-hand how Cathy’s warm, engaging management style has been highly motivating for teams and helps everyone bring their best selves to the task.”
- Yvonne Duggan


we are experts in building uninhibited mindsets.

With 20 years of diverse experience under our belts, we have helped countless people to grow and develop futures beyond their wildest expectations.


With our consulting offer, we help your business to push beyond set beliefs and perceived limitations to achieve audacious goals. With us, your teams imagine, own and realise a bold new future.


With our community offer, we take our impactful careers coaching to a wider audience. We excel in helping people to plan for and navigate life transitions and meet professional and financial goals.


For more than 20 years, we have been helping businesses, teams, and individuals to think bigger, break convention, push past barriers, and achieve peak performance and growth.