Coaching for business

escape the killer blow of the status quo.

Ruts turn to quicksand when companies fail to get out fast enough.

At Cathy Winston & Co., we work with your leaders to find a way forward, turning change into opportunity, and roadblocks into dust. We help you find, develop and unleash the confidence and capabilities needed to take your business to the next horizon.

Transform followers into leaders

Modern businesses are looking for leaders with the skills and capabilities to meet the ever-changing realities of today’s complex world. Even if these leaders are already in the business, they are often unwilling or unable to step up. By aligning capability frameworks with strategy, we help you find and channel leaders and teams toward victory.

“Cathy has helped to bring leadership to all levels of our business.”
- Crispin Satchel
Group Sales Director, Castlebrook


For 20 years, we have helped business leaders and teams to achieve an Uninhibited Mindset.
We leave them:


Getting ahead means knowing there you’re going. We help your people to take a step back and imagine their potential impact on your business. Using a range of methods, we nudge them past what’s historically held them back, and into their capabilities as a confident future leader.

Embodied with belief

The best leaders lead with their whole selves. We help your people to identify their distinctive business capabilities and skills and apply them to their work. Armed with the self-belief to step bravely into their full potential, your people can achieve personal and professional growth.

Empowered to lead

Turn the audacious into the  attainable. We work with people to not just define where they want to go, but to establish a clear plan for getting there. We focus on considered action and intention rather than reaction. We make way for error, believing sometimes done is better than perfect.

Business Builder Coaching Programme

Discover the six pillars to being a successful business builder. Our bi-weekly lunch and learn workshops provide you with the concepts and tools to step back and imagine how you can have the impact you want on your business.

Armed with practical actions and insights from other business and sales people, you can return to your business ready to step up and make a real difference.

“Cathy understands the human mindset and is able to coach & mentor teams and individuals to deliver their best.”
- Beccy Cameron
HR consultant


we are experts in building uninhibited mindsets.

With 20 years of diverse experience under our belts, we have helped countless people to grow and develop futures beyond their wildest expectations.


With our consulting offer, we help your business to push beyond set beliefs and perceived limitations to achieve audacious goals. With us, your teams imagine, own and realise a bold new future.


With our community offer, we take our impactful careers coaching to a wider audience. We excel in helping people to plan for and navigate life transitions and meet professional and financial goals.


For more than 20 years, we have been helping businesses, teams, and individuals to think bigger, break convention, push past barriers, and achieve peak performance and growth.