Just as we walk without thinking, and drive without thinking, we often lead without thinking.

The world is awash with opportunities for companies to succeed and to be highly profitable. The myth is that the market is tough to crack, but the reality is that “companies stall or decline because they FAIL to organise themselves internally to avail of the opportunities,” (Bain and Company/Fortune 500 survey.) 

Too often, companies fail to pause and think about the market changes and customer needs, and then consider how they need to reorganise to meet them. They get stuck in the focusing on implementation, and forget to step back and see the bigger picture. It is easy to  mindlessly go up and down the same furrow instead of taking a helicopter view to see a completely different landscape to evolve into. 

If you are serious about the preparing for and derisking the future and not just paying the bills today, the trick is to consistently operate in two horizons:


What is Innovation?

Taking time in the discovery zone every few months, before moving back into the execution zone. It needs to be a business activity in it’s own right with a champion dedicated to it.


How do you innovate?  

Get out of the weeds and into the sky to see the next horizon with these four very achievable steps.

1.      Dedicate time to think.

2.      Involve your senior leadership team (SLT) and high-potential teams.

3.      Use the latest tools, techniques, concepts and questions.

4.      Develop a process to apply the new ideas to the business immediately.


Consider taking one day, just eight hours, with your SLT to ramp up your business. Today’s thinking creates tomorrow’s future. Agree what you want celebrate at the end of three years. Commit today to make it a reality.


The reward is financial freedom, a high energy, high-octane strategy, engaged employees, happy clients and a value proposition to be proud of. What’s not to love?

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