Do Your Results Match Your Effort?



When I start a project with our clients, the first requirement nearly always revolves around the SLT revisiting and upgrading their vision and ambition.  Over time, their vision and ambition has become less inspiring. They set great plans, but then they start and stop when they don’t see the results quickly enough.  This causes confusion and frustration, and further stalling.


However, the results are absolutely not a true reflection of their potential. From deep experience, working with over 50 companies on elevating their ambition, there is always plenty more under the bonnet.


The decisions you made two years ago created the situation today.  So, with renewed energy and focus, decide today where do you want to be in terms of revenue and profit two years from now.


Begin with the end in mind, making this the immovable outcome you seek, and work backward from there.


What do you need to do to 10X your business. This is the question to start every day with. This is easier to achieve than maintaining the status quo. But how can you do this?


Take a four hour timeslot to THINK with your top team – not automatic thinking, but to think deliberately about what next? You bring the team and commit the time and I will bring the proven tools and techniques to facilitate an ambitious discovery and ideation session.


Pick the date to step out of your comfort zone and go back to your roots, your ‘raison d’être’ and the high-value customers you are serving to discover a more inspirational vision. Ask yourself:


  1. What is your secret sauce in 2024-2026?
  2. How are you different or better than the competition?
  3. How can you improve your customers’ experience by 10% every week?
  4. Why do you deserve to win your client’s business?
  5. What are the trends we need to know about and respond to stay ahead?


The enormous benefit at the end of this committed time is that it brings clarity, confidence and focus to the top team and it gets unity on the outcomes and activities that will deliver this. It creates a real top team out of individual business heads and creates a synergy by everyone being on the same page. It gives the team a shared meaningful action plan to delegate and execute on. It is simply brilliant to witness and be a part of.


✉ Make the decision today and  DM me for a discussion on setting up your own discovery or ideation workshops, to unleash the senior team’s potential and kick-start the new journey to 10X.

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