For CEOs in tough times, Unlearning is as important as learning

The same is true of CEOs seeking to navigate stormy skies.

Turbulence in the business world is here to stay, and will only get stronger.
CEOs and Senior Leaders who don't UNLEARN the thinking and navigating that took them into the storm, will find themselves with no one left to lead.

A Calm Confident CEO provides stability when everyone around them is losing their heads. They thrive in a turbulent environment, as people naturally gravitate toward them and want to work with them.

1: They take a step back to think and decide where they are going.
2: They set a BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) to stretch everyone’s potential.
3: They are open minded and use new ideas to expand the opportunity.
4: They trust their employees to make it happen, wherever they are based.
5: They recognise the value their employees can bring and encourage risk taking.
6: They build a culture of collaboration and contribution so everyone is focused on the prize.
7: They focus on what can be done and what can happen and instil belief.

In short, they both steady the ship and drive confidently toward the destination.

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