The Law of Diminishing Performance


If you don’t take time in the discovery or learning zone, research confirms that performance and effectiveness decline over time.

High performance sports people put five times more effort into learning a new move than they do into actually performing it.  Senior teams need to do the same, spending five times more on thinking than on doing.

Rinsing and repeating the same processes endlessly will not bring the growth you seek. If anything, you will lose out over time to companies that are adjusting to their clients' needs.

Change is inevitable; your ability to study and adapt to it is a choice.

We work with companies to kick start a new chain reaction of performance by focusing on the top five Goal Achieving Strategies for the business.

1️⃣ Get your BHAG Mindset and Vision in place.
2️⃣ Identify the priority engines and get the structure in place.
3️⃣ Pick the winning team with the right attitude and 100% commitment.
4️⃣ Find and eat bigger fish in bluer oceans.
5️⃣ Get your story straight and magnify it through digital.

Success is about mindset and belief. Setting a 10x ambition is a great first step as it raises the bar, opens the flood gates on ideas, and kickstarts a virtuous circle of seeking excellence.

I would be happy to set up a zoom call to talk through these strategies with you and your team. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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