Mindset Mastery

Mon Jun 3rd - Fri Aug 30th
1:00-2:00 PM GMT

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3-day live online lunchtime Masterclass 

Guide to Achieving Your Inspirational Goals, Building Confidence, Creating Wealth, and Leading with Impact

let's embark on an incredible 
journey of transformation!

Are you ready to set your next inspirational goal and start putting in place the systems to set up a successful business, a flourishing career, financial independence or become a confident leader?

This 3-day masterclass event stands apart from other similar events.  It focuses on taking all the talent and skills you already have and believing in them. Now is the time for you to discover the extraordinary power that lies within your mind. Immerse yourself in a unique exploration of your mind's hidden capabilities.

The power to shape your reality lies within you, regardless of outside influences?  During this event, we're going to tap into the opportunities that are there, understand your real strengths and passions, and learn how to focus more effectively.

With the inspirational guidance of Cathy Winston, this 3-day livestream masterclass will transform your mindset, actions, and ability to shape a successful and happy future.

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The course

We help you to embrace an Uninhibited Mindset. It is the most vital ingredient in helping you to move beyond your perceived limitations.

Day 1

THE SPARK: Setting the goal and building belief and confidence to achieve it.

How do you decide what you really want? We will start in a different place with new questions. Learn how to set clear goals and cultivate the belief and confidence that you can achieve them.

Gain valuable insights into building the mindset of someone who believes they can achieve anything they set their mind to.

Day 2

THE MAGIC: Money as the Reward.

How do you vastly increase your value to the world? A money mindset that means 1% of the people earn 95% of the money. Increase the demand for what you do by increasing the service you provide.

Day 3

THE LEGACY: Leading others on your path.

The top 3 attitudes of successful leaders. Becoming the leader that can grow your business or get promoted.
Move from potential to performance to achieve what you and your company want. The mechanics of leading. Clarity, Confidence, Courage and Collaboration.


For 20 years, we have helped individuals to achieve an Uninhibited Mindset.

"I have taken back control of my life and my decisions. I am able to let go of the negative with greater ease and I live a life in a more positive place, I am a much happier version of ME."
- Ruth Farrell
Past participant – New Chapters, New Choices
“Cathy’s coaching is in a league of its own. I would recommend her to anyone who seriously is ready for the next steps to their full potential growth.”
- Brian Kelly
Past participant – Thinking Into Results Leadership Coaching Programme


Our business has emerged from the diverse and far-reaching experience of Cathy Winston, our founder. Over decades of work with a wide range of businesses across sectors, Cathy has come to believe: The only way today's businesses, leaders and teams will succeed is with an Uninhibited Mindset.

The Uninhibited Mindset, which underpins our approach, is what enables us all to win personally and professionally. It allows us to collectively go beyond conventional strategy and implementation to embrace thinking and take action, free of internal and external constraints.


It’s audacious

With an Uninhibited Mindset, we dream bigger and further. We challenge long-held assumptions, set big goals, and drive toward a future beyond the “possible.”

It’s playful, fun & enjoyable

Uninhibited Mindset holds long-held beliefs and fresh limitations lightly, allowing us to loosen their grip, turn them over in our hands, and shed them when necessary.

It’s human

An Uninhibited Mindset unlocks the whole of us –our curiosity, vulnerabilities, uncertainties and empathy, as much as our skills and capabilities– and uses it as fuel to reach our goals.